Why choose Adamski Builders to work on your project?

We believe on working one project at a time, not leaving your project partially completed to start another. When hiring Adamski Builders you are making an investment in two ways. You are investing personally for better usage of space and you are investing financially for the best appreciation value of your home. We offer the newest craftman techniques and technology, along with our skill sets to help serve our client's needs better. If a problem or a question comes up, wouldn’t you like someone there? Adamski Builders will be there to help you. Some businesses, unlicensed contractors, out of state contractors, and/or handy-persons are around for only few months or years to just make a dollar. So when an issue comes up, they may not be around to help you.

Adamski Builders has been serving the Twin Ports and surrounding areas for over 19 years, since 1992 and we are committed in providing the best customer care possible.

Adamski Builders respects your home when working on it, listed below are a few of the steps that are used to help keep your home clean.

1.) We run a portable cleaner to filter out the air.

2.) We run an exhaust fan through a window while demolition is occurring to keep dust in the home to a minimum.

3.) We install temporary poly sheet walls to separate the work area forom the living area.

4.) We lay down drop clothes/runners on the floors to keep them from getting damaged.

5.) We clean up at the end of each day.

6.) We use a vacuum system while sanding sheetrock and use a HEPA vacuum filtration system to minimize dust and allergens.

Client satisfaction is our highest priority!

We build because it is interesting, exciting, and joyful. We enjoy working with the clients, the friendships being made and the creativeness of the completed projects. A home improvement, or building a home, should be an exciting time. We will make the experience enjoyable and gratifying!

We understand that remodeling can be a stressful time, so we work closely with our clients to provide all the possible details available. Keeping the client involved during the project makes the process run smoother. It is sometimes difficult to envision the final result with the blueprint drawings. Clients are encouraged to make changes during the project. Sometimes this means the project may take a little longer; however, the clients’ satisfaction over the final results is our highest priority. It makes us feel good to see the clients’ dreams come true and making the client happy keeps us in business.

Would you give money to stranger? It is a good idea to do your home work. This is a small investment when investing in your home to hire the right contractor to do your project. Ask for the contractor's license number and contact the Department of Labor and Industry at (651) 284-5065 or 1-800-342-5354 to verify the builder is currently licensed and to find out if they have a disciplinary history. Ask for referrals, call them and ask to look at the projects.

We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured in Minnesota, Wisconsin & Superior.
MN License # 20271902     WI License # 892827

How does the Building Contractor Registration (BCR) compare to the two Dwelling Contractor Certifications?

Both the Dwelling Contractor (DC) and the Dwelling Contractor Qualifier (DCQ) Certifications are needed to obtain building permits for work on one or two-family dwellings in Wisconsin. Dwelling Contractors (DC) (and the other business credentials listed as exceptions, see below) do not need the Building Contractor Registration for any reason. The two dwelling contractor certifications have prerequisites. Proof of insurance of bonding is required for the DC and a 12-hour initial education class for the DCQ. The DCQ has continuing education requirements for renewal. The BCR does not have continuing education requirements. The DC has a one-year term and the DCQ has a two-year. The BCR is a four-year registration.

Adamski Builders carries the Dwelling Contractor Certification & Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification.

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